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Adult Dual Diagnosis Programs

Those who struggle with chemical dependency often have underlying mental health issues, which can be a barrier to relapse prevention and long-term recovery.


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Chemical Dependency and Mental Illness = Dual Diagnosis

My life was chaotic and I was deep in my addiction“. This was Kim when she began the Adult Dual Diagnosis Program. She was struggling with chemical dependency and underlying mental health issues, which can be a barrier to relapse prevention and long-term recovery. Today she has almost completed her treatment and is happy to have more clarity and self-awareness and healthier relationships. She has overcome her addiction and misery and looks forward to a brighter tomorrow.


Kim was able to flourish because she experienced a comprehensive, integrated treatment program that combines the experience of professionals from both the mental health and substance abuse fields into a single treatment program and setting. Our caring counselors effectively treat both the chemical dependency and any underlying mental health concerns.


What further sets our program apart is the inclusion of a faith-based model of recovery, which results in sustained treatment outcomes.

Mankato, MN Dual Diagnosis Program

  • Three-hour group sessions, held four days per week. Average group size is 8-12 members.
  • Multiple counselors during a three-hour session bring their expertise to the group experience.
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions for each group member.
  • Group members will be assigned a chemical abuse counselor and a mental health counselor to receive a coordinated system of care.
  • Supportive services for families, including monthly family group sessions.
  • Aftercare services following completion of treatment programming.

Admission Into The Dual Diagnosis Program

  • Referrals can be made through primary mental health counselors, county or social workers, court hearings, or self-referral.
  • For more information on the Intensive Outpatient Program or to schedule an assessment, contact us at 507.345.3812.  
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  • Many insurance plans may cover intensive outpatient services. Call us at 507.345.3812 so we can review your insurance and payment options.

Adult Dual Diagnosis Staff & Clinic Information

Each staff member has an extensive background in treating those with chemical dependency issues and brings unique experience to the group setting. Our staff members are Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Mental Health Clinicians, and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors through the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health.


The Adult Dual Diagnosis Intensive Outpatient Program is licensed as a Rule 31 clinic by the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services and follows all statutes and guidelines established by the state.


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