Care Management Services

Life with a serious mental health diagnosis is not easy.

We’ll help you find solutions.

Many times, mental health care overlaps into other areas of your life and health care. Individuals and families with one or more serious mental health diagnoses need extra support to keep functioning well. Christian Family Solutions (CFS) offers care management services to coordinate your care across all your service needs.

Your CFS care management team will simplify your experience so you can concentrate on your health goals and being well – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Coordinating your care can improve and help you reach your goals faster.

CFS care management services are available to Minnesota residents.

CFS is a certified provider of these services through the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Services are made possible through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

You do not need to be a client of therapy services at CFS to access our care management services. Many of our therapy clients do qualify for these services and are benefitting from enrollment.

The benefits of care management services:

  • Helps you create an action plan for your health conditions and life situations
  • Gives you an advocate on your side for regular medical and mental health services
  • Connects you with social and community support services
  • Coordinates all your health care and social service needs so they are easier to manage
  • Provides you with information to make informed, healthy choices

Learn more about care management services

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Download a Flyer
CFS care management services are provided through Behavioral Health Home (BHH). Download a flyer here.

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Enrollment Forms
We will help you determine your eligibility and walk you through the enrollment process.

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Meet Your BHH Team
Think us as your “home team” supporting your journey to health and wellness. Meet the CFS BHH Team here.

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How to enroll in care management services at CFS:

CFS uses a program called “Behavioral Health Home” (BHH) to deliver our care management services. Think of BHH as your “home team” supporting your journey to health and wellness.

The following individuals are eligible for BHH care management services at CFS:

  • Individuals receiving Medical Assistance
  • Adults with a diagnosis of serious mental illness (SMI)
  • Children with a diagnosis of emotional disturbance (ED)
  • Individuals who are not already enrolled in a care management service

If you are already enrolled in a care management service, we are happy to meet with you to determine if you could be better served through Behavioral Health Home at CFS. We will review your situation and discuss your options.

Ask CFS about a referral for care management services. We will help you determine your eligibility and walk you through the enrollment process.


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What makes Christian Family Solutions unique?

Quality Care:
We specialize in evidence-based treatment, integrated with Christian faith principles as desired by the client. Research has shown that quality mental health treatment integrated with an individual’s faith yields excellent, longer-lasting outcomes.

Collaborative Care:
We work with referring clinicians, medical professionals, and pastors to coordinate the best treatment plan for the client.

Compassionate Care:
We support and care for those who are most vulnerable in our society, removing barriers to care.

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