Elsa Manthey - WLCFS - Christian Family Solutions

Elsa Manthey, MS, LPC, BCPCC, CATSM, DCC

Licensed Professional Counselor






Specializes in alcohol and drug recovery, children with learning challenges, and parenting and family issues.



Elsa joined Christian Family Solutions in 1995. She received her BS in Education from Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN, and her MS in Educational Psychology/Community Counseling from UW-Milwaukee. Prior to joining Christian Family Solutions, Elsa taught for 32 years in WELS schools with a special emphasis on music and teaching children with learning disabilities. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor.


Elsa says, “Christ has called all believers to minister to those in need. Helping people understand the various life challenges in the light of God’s Word and using various cognitive-behavioral approaches to problems is something I find interesting and fulfilling.”