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"I'm finally able to love myself and my family, putting behind things that have happened to me so that I am confident once again."  

Michael's Journey to Overcome Addiction

It wasn't Michael's first trip to treatment, but he hopes The Dual Diagnosis Program at Christian Family Solutions will be his last. He took a giant leap of faith and vowed to be honest and committed. Now he encourages others to do the same.

"It will change your life! My counselors cared for me like family. Without their unconditional love and support I would probably be dead. They'll do anything to help you succeed!"


This time of year can be especially painful for individuals and families who struggle with combination of substance abuse and  mental health issues. Maybe you know someone who needs help. Maybe you are noticing behaviors that don't make sense.

Identifying these signs could save a life

We invite you to learn about the CFS Adult Dual Diagnosis Program, staffed with experienced professionals in the areas of mental health and substance abuse. This program changed the course of Michael's life and is doing the same for others.

We equally emphasize treatment in the areas of mental health and chemical dependency through:

  • Individualized evidence-based treatment for mental health & chemical health
  • Incorporating family, group and individual sessions
  • Integration of spirituality when requested

Why do mental health and substance use disorders co-occur so frequently?

Recent data tells us that there is a strong comorbidity rate between mental health and substance use. Some people believe that mental health and addiction are choices. However, the science tells us that comorbidity is much more complex. Mental Illness and substance use come from:

  • Genetics - 40-60%
  • The environment
  • Exposure to stress, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences

There are more people like "Michael" needing our help, especially during this holiday season. You can be the light to help them take that giant leap of faith into treatment that works.

"If you want to change your life, sign up! It's time to stand up and become the amazing person you were designed to be."

Is CFS Dual Diagnosis the answer for someone you know?

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Uncertain if this treatment is right for you or a loved one? CFS conducts Rule 25 Assessments to help individuals determine the best treatment plan. Call us at 507-345-3812.

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