You are Prepared

Family laughing together

By Stacie Nagorski


I was recently reviewing a podcast that offered a perspective worth sharing. Picture this…..ten years from now, you are sitting around your kitchen table and you hear your child say….“Remember that spring when we had the COVID-19 quarantine?” What are the words you will hear next? What type of memories are being created in this moment? What will your family remember about this time? Are you creating memories of fear and panic? Are your children seeing angry responses, or are your children going to remember the time when you ate around the table for every meal? When you played games and laughed?  Will they think fondly on the times when you had to work and school from home? Will they remember beginning their day in family devotion and prayer? Hearts on the window? Movie marathons and dance parties in the living room? You are making memories today. Your kids are watching you….and you are prepared.


You are prepared for this. You have been in training. Each time in your life that you have reached for God’s Word, gotten on your knees in prayer, consumed foods that blessed your body, exercised, slept well–you have been in training. The patterns and routines that you have been creating over your lifetime are the same habits and patters that will see you through now. Your patterns are like muscle memory.  You do them even when you don’t feel like it because you are trained to know what to do. The good news is that when you are scared, worried, or unmotivated, your patterns will still keep you moving in a direction that is good for you.


Are you reaching for the patterns you know so well?  If not, now is the time to dust them off. Now is the time to remember why we begin our day in prayer, with a gratitude practice and devotion. Now is the time to keep (or make) the habit of moving your body. Now is the time to practice grace and forgiveness. Your children, your spouse, your parents are watching you. They are taking their cue from you. Lead them well….by taking your lead from Jesus. Be an example that will help you emerge on the other side of this experience having grown closer to your Savior, having grown closer to your children, spouse and family. Lead your employees and colleagues well. Do all of this through Christ who gives you strength (Philippians 4:13).


What about the new things? The things you haven’t developed patterns for–like virtual learning, working from home, social distancing, and worshipping remotely. Here’s the thing: those old habits I keep mentioning will be the foundation and structure to get you through the new things too. They give you an anchor. Now is the time to pursue the character traits that the Lord has placed inside of each of us. Perseverance, self-control, patience is what we need to reach for during new and uncertain times.  We are not promised a life without hardship, but we are promised refuge and strength. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble,” (Psalm 46:1).


Practical Steps:

  • Recognize Your Patterns: Write down patterns and habits that you might not even realize or remember you have – and access those patterns within each new day.
  • Gratitude Practice: Within 30 minutes of starting your day, write down three things that you are grateful for that day. Be as specific as possible.
  • Health Practice: Take care of your body by eating well, moving well, and sleeping well.
  • Stay in the Word: Spend time each day accessing an online sermon, podcast, bible reading or family devotion.
  • Pray: Develop a practice of talking to God each day – ALL DAY.


Friends, remember that life is not happening to you….it’s happening FOR you.  For your good and to His glory!  “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God,” (1 Corinthians 10:31).


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