Screening program for schools

Parents and school leaders want to provide the best resources they can to help kids recognize potential emotional challenges and get the help they need so they can succeed in school.

Christian Family Solutions partners with grade schools, middle schools, and high schools to provide a voluntary and confidential emotional screening service for students in grades 3-12. If your school is looking for a way to proactively address the challenges of childhood and adolescence, please take a moment to consider this screening program.

Why is this stuff important?

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all youth receive an annual emotional health screening
  • 20% of teens struggle with emotional health concerns
  • 10-20% of children struggle with emotional or behavioral health concerns
  • 40% of children will have met criteria for a mental health diagnosis by adolescence
  • 59% of parents were unaware of their teen’s emotional health concerns before screening
  • 66% of teens suffer in silence from not receiving help for their emotional health concerns
  • Emotional health problems can interfere with academic success, relationships, spirituality, and well-being and can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug use, or suicide

I’m listening…so what is this screening program all about?

  • A quick screening to identify a child’s behavioral/emotional strengths and weaknesses using a valid and reliable screening instrument administered by computer. The screening consists of 25 questions that help identify if a child is at risk to develop challenges such as depression, anxiety, relational problems, or substance abuse problems.
  • 100% voluntary—children/teens can only participate with parental permission
  • 100% confidential—all screening results are kept confidential, stored separately from academic records and not shared with school personnel unless there is written consent from parents

So how does it work?

  1. Interested parents/guardians complete and return the consent form
  2. Screening occurs during the school year and takes about 20 minutes per student
    1. Children/teens complete the screening questionnaire in a private setting at school
    2. Screening staff will review the questionnaire and discuss the results with your child/teen
    3. Any immediate concerns will be explored in more detail with screening staff
  3. Parents receive a phone call and a letter highlighting their child’s strengths and/or areas for growth

What happens if there are any reasons for concern in the results?
If a member of the screening team recognizes any concerns, parents will immediately be notified. Recommendations and options to address any concerns will be provided.

What’s the cost?
Screening costs are covered by your school. Costs for the school vary depending on the size of the school and the number of on-site screening staff needed. If your school is interested in offering the screening service, contact the MAP Support Center for a specific quote.

For the MAP Support Center, please call 800.438.1772 or e-mail the program coordinator at