Psychiatry & Medication Services

In order to assist our clients in the area of medication management, Christian Family Solutions partners with Alay Health Team.

More about Alay Health Team
Alay Health Team is a team of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) who will work, in partnership with your counselor, to assist in the area of medication management. PMHNPs are psychiatric specialists who prescribe medications across the spectrum for psychiatric-focused needs of children through adults.

Medication consultation and prescription services through Alay’s PMHNPs will be conveniently offered to Christian Family Solutions clients via video conferencing onsite at Christian Family Solutions clinics.

Alay Health Team is a separate, distinct entity from Christian Family Solutions. Scheduling, billing, insurance coverage, and prescriptions will be managed by Alay Health Team.

Christian Family Solutions staff will assist and help to answer questions, but the best way to answer your prescription questions will be to directly contact Alay Health Team at 262.260.9000.

Benefits of the partnership for our clients
Christian Family Solutions is excited to offer therapy services in collaboration with psychiatric medication management services from Alay for holistic client care. Christian Family Solutions and Alay will work together to provide the best in streamlined care for your mental health wellness.

Getting started
If you are already a Christian Family Solutions client:

  • Call Alay directly to get started at 262.260.9000.

If you are not a Christian Family Solutions client:

  • In order to receive medication management services through Alay, you must first meet with a counselor from Christian Family Solutions.
  • To request an appointment with a Christian Family Solutions counselor, call 800.438.1772 or visit our Request Appointment page.

Learn more
Ask your provider for more information regarding Alay Health Team, or visit or call them at 262.260.9000.


For what kinds of conditions can Alay prescribe medications?

  • ADHD
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Schizophrenia

For more information about Vivitrol, please see Alay's website.

To maximize the effectiveness of this partnership, we are also offering GeneSight, which is a laboratory-developed genetic test that looks at many of the genes involved when your body processes certain types of medicines. This technology aids in helping clients get to the right medications faster. For more information, visit

How long do video-assisted appointments with Alay’s prescribers take?

  • Initial appointment: 45-60 minutes
  • Follow-up appointments: 20-30 minutes

Can Alay’s prescribers send prescriptions to my preferred pharmacy?
Alay Health Team prefers to partner with your local independent pharmacies for one-on-one care, including home delivery of medications for your convenience at no extra cost.

How do I schedule an appointment with Alay?
Call Alay Health Team directly at 262.260.9000, or e-mail

Please note: You must be an active Christian Family Solutions client in order to be seen at a Christian Family Solutions clinic for an Alay Health Team appointment.

How do my counselor and the prescriber collaborate on my care?
You will be required to sign a release of clinical records in order to provide you with the best possible care. Your records will then be shared between your psychiatric prescriber and counselor.

How do I pay for Alay Health Team’s services?
Alay Health Team is a separate organization from Christian Family Solution and will handle billing separately.

Most insurances, including Forward Health and WI Medicaid, are accepted by Christian Family Solutions and Alay Health Team.

More questions?
Contact Alay Health Team directly at 262.260.9000 or if you have further questions. Visit their website at to learn more.