General substance abuse counseling

Substance abuse counseling is available for members who struggle with drugs or alcohol and are dealing with the negative consequences of their addiction. Our substance abuse counselors can help assess a member’s level of abuse or addiction and help determine the best treatment options to achieve sobriety.

Depending on the severity of the problem, short-term counseling through the Member Assistance Program can be helpful. However, if the counselor identifies dependency, a plan will be developed that may include a referral to a higher level of care. Referrals may include local treatment centers, support groups, or detox centers.

Through the Member Assistance Program, the counselors can assess the problem area and provide short-term counseling, and also follow up to make sure recommendations are being followed. Follow-up contact is essential to help people maintain sobriety. 

For the MAP Support Center, please call 800.438.1772 or e-mail the program coordinator at